Bid Review / Bid Support


Whether you are a large organisation or an SME; writing bids can be daunting.

At Plain Purpose we are experienced in authoring and reviewing bids with strong experience in the Government Social Value Model.

We can:

  • Facilitate kick off workshop including setting a purpose, agreeing behaviours and taking learning from previous bid team experience.
  • Facilitate workshops throughout the bid process to ensure continued focus and to realign behaviours.
  • Input knowledge into the bid from Sellafield experience.
  • Educate, write and review on the Government Social Value Model against PPN 06/20.
  • Review the bid and offer areas of improvement.
  • Offer Ad hoc specialist consultancy as required.
We pride ourselves on when supporting on Social Value we won’t write the question to purely score the highest points, but will write it with true intent; meaning that not only will you score the highest points, but you will truly deliver on the commitments you make.

All our work is based on connection, trust and honesty. As such we will become part of your bid team providing honest and direct feedback to ensure the best possible bid.

“We would highly recommend Emma Jayne Gooch. She was well informed, providing an independent perspective and honest feedback which proved to be invaluable during our time working together. Her energy and enthusiasm to the task in hand is outstanding. Her direct approach was greatly appreciated and very efficient. We are already discussing future opportunities.”

 Managing Director, Thomas Graham & Sons

“Emma-Jayne was supposed to be doing the Social Value question using our material to answer the question, knowing that Emma-Jayne would be able to look at our past tenders and use our material I knew she would be able to deliver.  Emma-Jayne ended up doing so much more.  I would recommend Emma-Jayne to support you and your companies on any tenders whether it be social value, authoring or reviewing questions.  Emma-Jayne knows the nuclear and Sellafield arena very well. Emma-Jayne will always be part of our bid team going forward.”

Managing Director, Prima Uno

“I really appreciate your support on the whole bid, but your insight to the social value response and what the client is expecting is absolutely invaluable!”

 Bid Manager, Costain