plain purpose

purpose identification

We will work with your organisation to identify and understand the very reason your organisation exists. We will spend time with the organisations leaders, employees, stakeholders and where appropriate customers to find your organisations purpose. The journey can be uncomfortable and you have to be prepared to reflect, be vulnerable and have difficult conversations.

The result however will be inspirational and will give you and your colleagues an emotional connection to why you come to work each day and the difference you make in delivering your purpose.

culture enquiry

Your company’s culture is about your approach, beliefs, actions, and behaviours shared by your company and its people. It is in essence a company’s personality, built of many different traits. Several factors influence your company culture including purpose, vision, values, how your employees speak about the organisation, approach to leadership and the work environment. Don’t be fooled though, just because you have set company values this doesn’t mean that this defines your current culture.

We can work with you and your employees to truly understand the culture that you currently have and the culture your employees want.

Your company culture is so very important because it affects whether your people enjoy working for you and your organisation. And that has a big impact on staff retention and productivity.

embedding your purpose

Once you have found your purpose you need to discover how your purpose connects to your organisations “superpower” – what you deliver that is unique to you.

As you move forward your organisations purpose becomes your North Star. It’s your decision point and needs to become part of your DNA.

At Plain Purpose we can work with your organisation to help embed your purpose throughout your organisation so you can reap the benefits of having a purpose driven organisation.


Without the right culture a purpose can be little more than a marketing strap-line. It will not give you the true North Star that will revolutionise your organisation.

Once we have helped you identify your current culture we can work with you to identify the culture you need to ensure your employees enjoy coming to work every day and are able to be their true authentic self, improving productivity and staff retention.


Good facilitation ensures everyone has had their say and worked together to achieve the best possible outcomes. Facilitation has an integral place in business success. At Plain Purpose we can facilitate meetings, workshops, problem solving, strategy building and so much more.


The work we do is based on connection, trust and honesty. If you are ready to embark on your journey toward finding your purpose, identifying and changing your culture or just want some facilitation support get in touch!